Thursday, June 4, 2009

Need VS Want

I Need To:
•Wash all of our windows
•Straighten all closets
•Go to the gym (Do I even remember my login #?)
•Clean out my closet
•Straighten up garage
•Move boxes out of old school
•Get some sun (I might be confused with Casper at this point)
•Sweep and mop

I Want To:
•Refinish my new craft table (Cannot WAIT to do this!)
•Go buy Photoshop and play with it
•Watch Court TV all day long
•Make a fun display board (Seriously, how cute is this? I just need an old cabinet door......anyone have one?)
•Bake and eat something sinful (Maybe these? YUMMY!)
•Go to the movies
•Go to Hobby Lobby to buy stuff for my cute new craft table
•Get a massage
•Get a pedicure (This might border on NEED)

What about you?
What do you NEED to do today
what do you WANT to do instead?


  1. Need - sleep (see today's blog for explanation)

    Want - stay in bed

    Somehow they're both the same today.

  2. Your NEED list is MY need list.

    Want: to scrapbook and/or read for the next 30 days straight without having to worry about keeping the house clean, occupying the kids, or having to work.

  3. Need: to do laundry
    Want: to do nothing but read

  4. I need to go make supper

    I want to go veg out in my bed the rest of the night or till morning

  5. I need to shampoo my carpets.

    I want to have a day with a girlfriend - mani, pedi, lunch on the patio, maybe a little shopping.

    :) Good luck with your list!

  6. Oohhhh- fun!

    I WANT to make the same list on my blog.

    I NEED to fold laundry and work on Sunday School stuff.