Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

So I was sitting at church with my hubby, waiting for the service to start Sunday morning and texting my sweet friend Dory who was on the very long drive home after a visit to Texas.

Of course as I am in the middle of writing a text, our pastor walks up and starts talking to us. Although he said nothing, I felt like a little kid who had just been busted by her dad. I stopped texting to talk to him, and then after he walked away I finished my text to Dory saying "I just got busted for texting. By the pastor."

She replied "You got busted but you still replied? LOL LOL LOL".

So today's question of the day is actually three questions:

1. Do you text?
2. How often do you text?
3. Have you ever been busted for texting when you should not have?


  1. 1. I do, but not much.
    2. I have an unlimited texting plan, but only use about 20 texts a month.
    3. No, never busted. :)

  2. 1) Yes I text
    2) 200-300 msg per month
    3) yes I have been busted - at work

  3. 1. Yes
    2. Depends, not necessarily every day
    3. Kind of, yesterday morning my mom texted me during bible study. I checked because she was traveling and knew where I was and replied.

    My preacher would have said something but he is a joker and texts himself.

  4. 1. Yes.
    2. 200-300/month
    3. I don't recall ever being busted. lol

    That's too funny! :o)

  5. 1. Yes.
    2. A lot. With YOU.
    3. Not yet. But inevitably, it will happen some day. Probably at work.

  6. I do text, but I am more a talker. I text frequently daily- to Matt when he is at the office, or when we are letting each other know we are headed home. I also text to see if someone can talk before I call them if it is during "office hours"

    I have many friends who text more than talk- to those I can text for 15 minutes instead of talking!

    I don't think I have ever been busted- but then again we don't have mobile phone signal at our church! LOL!

  7. 1. Yes, all the time!
    2. Oh heavens, the last time that I saw, or was told about my texting habits, I had over 7000+ texts in a month. I read more than I respond to and we have unlimited texting, so I am not worries about it...much.
    3. I will never tell. ;-)

  8. 1. As you are already aware- no, I don't (though not from lack of trying by a mutual friend to drag me into the quagmire :-P)
    2. Looking at my phone right now, I've sent a total of 6 texts since I got the phone- 3 years ago
    3. Not yet, but I have a feeling the day is coming- I'm a hold out, but I'm sure I'll give in someday

  9. 1. I text more than I talk ;-) (that's alot LOL)

    2. I honestly have no idea, I have a plan with unlimited texting because I text SO frequently.

    3. I was busted at work by the boss man (oops! shhhh, don't tell!)

  10. I don't even have the plan to be able to text at all. I would prefer to hear the voices of the people that talk to me. That and my husband is a cheapo and doesn't want it. So, no, I have never been busted!