Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My mom was someone that was so very creative! She sewed beautifully, made stained glass, and painted. She was an amazing artist and could make absolutely anything she saw. Her favorite phrase when we were shopping was..........."Oh we could make that!" to which I always replied "Um.ll..no Mom, YOU could make that!".

Although I am not 1/1,000th as talented as she was-I absolutely do love to make things. I do NOT consider myself crafty at all- more like a very good copier of great ideas that I find.
Typically when I work on projects, I do them at my kitchen table. Now because of my OCD tendencies, it's stressful for me because finished or not- come dinner time I simply must remove all the stuff from my table. So, for a lengthy project it become frustrating to have to keep packing up and moving my supplies.

So I recently started thinking and dreaming about the day when we build our forever house (the one we will live in for forever). In it I plan to have a beautiful HUGE craft room. I already have it totally planned in my mind and can not wait. However, since we won't be building our forever home for many years, I started thinking of something I could do in the meantime.

I already have a great craft closet in our guest room. I have some awesome shelves in it (Tony took a bookcase and cut it in half and then bolted each piece to one of the corners of the closet). It is fabulous and every little thing has it's own labeled space! Although our guest room is very small and already contains a queen sized bed, an armoire and a rocking chair I started thinking that I could fit a small table in it- if I simply moved out the antique chest that was next to the bed. A table that was long and fairly skinny- like a sofa table- would be perfect.

And so the quest began. I started looking for tables- at Goodwill, at the used furniture store, at Hobby Lobby, and our school district Swap Shop (basically a garage sale via email). I found several tables- but none that seemed to be the right one for the right price. That is, until one night a few weeks ago. A sofa table popped up on Swap Shop and it was beautiful. It was a cherry wood table and the price was just right. I quickly called the lady(after a quick email to Dory to see what she thought) and went to pick it up. It was indeed beautiful- with not a scratch on it.

Now my intent had always been have a distressed Shabby Chic type of table to match the antique furniture in the guest room. This table was NOT at all distressed- it was perfect. So although I felt badly, we set out to bang it up a bit.

We used the electric sander and sanded it down. We then took an old sock and filled it with nails, bolts, and other random stuff on Tony's workbench and proceeded to beat the heck out of that pretty table. I couldn't help but thinking that the sweet lady who sold it to me- who was so proud of how perfect it was- would have absolutely CRIED if she had seen me beating her beautiful table.

Once it was sufficiently beaten up, we proceeded to prime it, and paint it. Thankfully because it was spray paint it was done in one evening. A little sanding of the edges and we were done and I was the proud owner of an adorable little craft table!

And here it is with all the fun baskets and tins and jars full of craft supplies. I love love love it!

And if you know the sweet lady who I bought the table from- please don't tell her what I did to it. Let's just keep that our little secret. K?