Thursday, May 7, 2009

Once Upon a Time............

Once upon a time there was an oldish girl.

An oldish girl with red hair.

(Hair that her sweet husband colored for her).

One day she was cranky and stressed and feeling VERY overwhelmed.

And she was talking to a co-worker in the office and she was rude and YELLED

(well, she raised her voice)

and then stormed off-

in front of several of her sweet co-workers.

(All left standing there with their mouths open because they had never seen her angry before).

And as she walked away she started regretting what she had done and said.

And then she felt bad.

And embarrassed.
And ashamed.

She consoled herself briefly by thinking....

"But I was justified because she.....................................

and I have had a bad day......................................

and because it's not fair...............................
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah................"

But this verse kept going through her mind over and over and over again
Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit,

but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

Philippians 2:3

And she felt terrible.

She felt awful.

She knew that she could just try to avoid those sweet friends

and not say anything and no one would probably ever say anything about it.

But she knew that wasn't what she was supposed to do.

She knew that wasn't what God called her to do.

So she put on her big girl panties

(those things are getting worn alot lately)

and she apologized.

And was so thankful for forgiveness.

The End.


  1. Smile.

    Thanks, I needed that verse, for different reasons, too!

  2. I'm proud of you. Ya done good, kid.

  3. thanks for keeping it real, my friend.

    ps my word verification is regract - looks like grace taking the place of regret....good stuff!

  4. Awww you are human. Everyone has a bad day and says things that they don't mean. Glad that you got it all straightened out.


  5. That is tough and real!
    Thanks for sharing! Glad it all worked out!

  6. You are such a wonderful, kind, loving, prayerful woman, I am sure that the person and all the others were quite shocked. I can't imagine you being upset. I am so glad that you were able to apologize, sometimes that is the hardest thing for us (meaning me) to do. Even if it is the right thing.

  7. May I borrow your big girl panties? Seems I am in need of them too. For the last couple of months I've been in some major medications switches/changes/deletions and I have become a very ugly person. I even screamed at my pups this morning when I took them to the groomers. How low does one go to yell at poor small dogs? I'm not liking myself right now and praying that things will get better before the ones around me have me committed!

  8. I am so proud to call you my friend! Not only because you apologized for getting upset, but also because you spoke up and let your feelings be known. (I think that is probably pretty hard for you to do, sometimes?) I tend to just keep choking down the stuff that makes me upset instead of voicing my opinion, thought, or side of the story!
    You are such a wonderful person ~ and I mean that from the heart!

  9. Doncha just hate it when the Lord won't let go? And keeps letting you know you have to do it? Actually, I don't hate it.. but it sure is hard sometimes. Having to apologize a few times HAS taught me to watch my mouth a little more!LOL I don't like to apologize! I also don't like hurting others, as I KNOW you don't. Good for you, for doing what you knew you had to. Feels much better, eh? Thanks for being real and open about it..