Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

If you told your friends everything about yourself,
including those things you are most ashamed or afraid of,
do you truly think they would like you less or more than they do now?


  1. I guess it depends on the type of friendship ... some of us have "friends" who we hang out with or talk to about everyday stuff - but not the really important stuff. And then, there are the few close friends that we truly share ourselves with - those type of friends would like you MORE for being "real".

    Just my opinion. :o)

  2. I would like to hope that the people that I consider to be important friends to me, that I can tell anything too and they would not think less of me for it. We are all human, with all the human frailities and failings that come along with being less than perfect. I would think if I had to have to hide parts of my life for fear of being judged, then what kind of relationship would that be? I want to be "all in" a relationship. I want to be able to know that I can share what is on my heart and know that in the good times and the bad there is always someone there to listen, even if you don't have advise in the moment.

  3. Kimberly MallettMay 18, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    Honestly? I would love to think that it wouldn't faze my true friends, but we all are only human...I myself have to struggle with negative thoughts of others when I don't truly understand their situation, so I feel sure that others do too. This last year I have been on a journey to be "real" with my friends but unfortunately the Lord is testing me through some really difficult circumstances and challenging me to remain real in all I do!

  4. Depends on the friends...
    I only have one or two girlfriends who really know EVERYTHING. Really and truly, there are no secrets with them.
    I am a very outgoing person but withhold a lot of info to casual friends. The two who know me best couldn't love me more, even knowing the stuff I am ashamed/afraid of that they are privvy to. And they've told me some doozies too - and I love them more because they shared with me.
    It isn't a "misery loves company" type thing... it is more of a "wow, she did something she shouldn't have and I can still completely see her as a wonderful person!" It enables us to relate to one another and then hold each other accountable from making the same shameful mistakes again! Or in the case of our fears, someone to give us encouragement!

    But these type of friends are rare, in my case anyway.

  5. It depends on the level of the friendship. I have two friends who know almost everything about me...and they still love me. Some things we simply must keep to ourselves and God. For He knows all.

  6. yes i do.... well it depends what things you have to hide cuz what if u were like a murderer or something then your friends would not want anything to do with you but if all you had to hide was that you cheated on a test once then they probably wouldnt care unless they were like nuns or something then they might care.