Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

If all of your best friends were willing to be ABSOLUTELY honest and tell you exactly what they liked most about you and EXACTLY what they liked least about you, would you want them to?


  1. I would not want them to be honest with me because it would make me feel bad about myself and that isnt good because having low self esteem could leed to depression and drugs and alcohol and then I would die and you dont want me to die........ do you mommy?

  2. Pouring it on thick, huh, Maddie?

    I would want my best friends to be honest with me. If they are that close, they'd know what things might upset me and surely would be able to say them in such a way that I wouldn't be hurt...

    Why? Do you have something to tell me?

  3. I dont think my friends could be any harsher or harder on me than I am of myself already. On the other hand, even those things I know to be truths about myself are hard to hear from others, even those you are closest too. So, I'll go with no, dont tell me, let me just beat myself up.

    Also, hi Becca, hope you enjoy the Food Network magazine. I love it! Just got the latest issue in the mail last week and I think I've read every word.

    Also, I could use a prayer or two. I'm entering counseling this week and I know it is going to be a difficult road to travel and I need all the help I can get, especially from above.

  4. I would hope that my friends would be honest with me. Life is too short not to have friends who are open and honest.

    Pam you got prayers coming from my corner. Prayers in all directions are bound to help and lift you up!


  5. I want to be in the dark. No one is perfect and it is nice to have people love you unconditionally.

    I could never tell my best friend what I see as her faults... I would never, ever want to hurt her or make her change!

  6. I wouldn't exaclty tell Maddie anything too harsh at this

    I feel that Laurel and I are close enough that we tell each other exaclty how it is without either of us getting upset with the other. I think we all need that one person in our life that can tell us good/bad/ugly. But I wouldn't want just anyone telling me the truth.

  7. At my age I want to hear it. I'll probably help you with the bad list. I know my faults. They like comfortable old shoes. Not pretty, but I'm just too lazy to go out and get new ones.

  8. Don't forget to post your swap pics! Its that time! :-)