Friday, May 15, 2009

Links I Love

Tape Swell- decorative packing tape.

LOVE the damask one. What a fun idea!!!!

These adorable FREE printable lists from Blah, Blah, Blahg!

Download them here:

If I can only do one thing today............

Task List

Some PRECIOUS cake/cupcake sets from Meri, Meri.

So many cute ones- love the baby and princess sets the best! Aren't they cute?

The website Stamps where you can create stamps using your own photos!
What a great idea for baby announcements and wedding invitations.
So fun!

The precious website Virtual Softie.

Here is the websites description:

Its a virtual softie! You can move the outfits and accessories and dress her however you like, just scroll down, click, hold and drag the images up.

Such a sweet idea for little ones!

This last site is absolutely hysterical!

No picture to post for'll have to go see it on your own-

but trust me- it's worth clicking the link!

The name says it all...........

Awkward Family Photos