Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Church Experiment

Last Sat. evening I was talking to my sweet friend Jen on Facebook and she told me about a blog that she thought I would like.

The blog is written by Steve Fuller and is called The Church Experiment.

The Church Experiment is his plan to visit 52 churches in 52 weeks in 2009. He visits a church on Sunday and then blogs about his experience.

Here's a quote from his blog about his plan:

I have a very limited view of church (through my experiences at the Vineyard and D'VINE) and God (because I am a skeptic), so I just want to make myself available, see what is out there, and then write about what happens. My goal is to attend a different church every week of 2009 (that is 52 churches), and write about the variety of experiences - good, bad, and ugly. I am planning to wear the exact same outfit every week (just to see how easily I am accepted based on appearance), and I will try my best to keep an open mind as I take part in the unique customs of that particular denomination and specific church.

I spent last Sat. night and early Sunday morning reading about his experiences. It was fascinating to read his observations and each entry truly made me think. He's visiting all types of churches- and for someone like myself who has only ever attended Baptist churches- it's been fascinating for me to read.

If you'd like to follow his journey- start HERE- and then follow the church links on the right side of the page.


  1. His blog is fascinating! He has really been finding a lot in each place! We'll have to follow this.. it's so wonderful.
    Thanks for the link!

  2. Maybe hip hop drop out should think about checking out a few churches outside of the Baptist realm for some new rhythms :) :) :) Love ya and miss ya! Did you read my Fishing Trip post- I gambled again and won some $$$!

    Please don't take my Baptist comment as a bad thing- this is a wink wink hug smile laugh comment :)

  3. I so enjoyed reading his journey last nite and looking forward to the weeks to come.

    I was brought up in a strictly conservative Baptist home/church. We were very routine oriented and always nothing out of the ordinary every happened.

    That was until our minister of many, many years retired and we were graced with Brother Eaton. Our church was a very monetarily endowed church with most of the community's business leaders and well-to-do residents. Actually, it was very stuffy!

    Brother Eaton brought a fresh breath of life and I found myself actually enjoying going to church for the first time in a long time. He is no longer with that church and neither am I since I have relocated, but one of the most enlightening memories for me was how he went out in the community and brought in "non-conventional" members. People who spoke out loud during the service..."amen Brother"...."right on"....."Glory to God"....etc. People of different color (unheard of in this Church). I so distinctly remember hearing someone speak out loud during the service and was in total shock. It was totally unheard of and I had never experienced such a thing. I remember thinking...what the heck are that doing? Then I was ashamed of myself and thought about how hypocritical I was being.

    I haved visited several different churches since relocating from that area and I must admit at times, it is nice to be removed from your comfort zone.

    Steve's blog touched me in so many ways and I'll be sharing his blog with my friends. Thank you Shannon for sharing the story and link for us.

  4. He has a great blog. I am enjoying poking around and seeing what he is experiencing.