Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Deal or NO Deal?

Since she is an only child, Easter egg hunts at our house have not been much fun for Madison. Hunting for eggs by yourself is just not super exciting.

So several years ago I came up with a new fun way for her to giver her the chance to play on Easter afternoon- and it's one the whole family enjoys. Plus it's easy and fun!

Instead of hunting for eggs, we play an Easter version of the Deal or No Deal game

Here's how it works:

I took 30 eggs and with a black sharpie, labeled them 1-30.

On slips of paper I wrote money amounts- from 25 cents to $20.00 and placed one in each egg.

I set the plastic eggs out on the floor in numerical order and we play the game much like they do on TV.

Madison chooses an egg and holds it- but does NOT open it.

She then chooses 4 more eggs which are opened one at a time.

We keep a running total of the amount and after 4 eggs are opened- the banker (aka Tony on his cell phone in our bedroom) calls and makes her an offer.

She can either take the offer, or continue playing (which she always does).

We continue playing- decreasing the number of eggs she must open each time and continuing to get offers from the banker.

This year I'm adding a few extra things to the eggs- instead of just money she will also find some treats listed on slips in some of the eggs- like a new magazine, a trip to Coldstone, and a few other fun things.