Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

I don't know about you, but sometimes
I have a difficult time spending money on myself.

It's not that I have any trouble spending money,
definitely and sadly NOT.

It's just that if the money is supposed to be for me,
I tend to spend it on someone else.

Whenever I am given a gift of cash
I almost always spend it on the dry cleaning, a gift, or something for Madison or Tony
instead of spending it on myself as it was intended.

So, my question today is...........

If you were given $100.00 today

and you


to spend it on a treat for yourself

(that means you can't buy anything for anyone else and you couldn't save it)




would you spend it?


  1. I am the same way
    I think a trip to Chapters for books and a stop at Starbucks for a GreenTeaFrapiccino would be what I would do.
    Clothes from anywhere. I haven't boughten myself clothes in a long time.

  2. Maybe on the shoes I bought yesterday! :o)

  3. I agree with you. I usually would use my money to pay bills and nothing for me- though I did better this Christmas! I bought some new sweaters in smaller sizes!!!

    I would spend a day at the spa! I might have to double the amount- but it would be soooo worth it! I would start with a full body massage, facial, and if I had money left over a pedicure and manicure!

    One of the spas in Wichita had packages that were slightly reduced (since you were spending $ on multiple services) and served you lunch! I think I got a facial, mini massage, mani and pedi for just around $100 and it was great! I had lunch while I was getting my pedi. Jason's deli with organic fresh fruit YUMMMMMM!

  4. Our local Barnes and Noble store and Starbucks! Oh and clothes,and music, and sun block and a hat, so that I do not get sun burned on the top of my head!

  5. I would go directly to and put it towards a plane ticket to a certain someplace. :o) No hesitation whatsoever.

  6. That's easy... Barnes and Noble!

  7. New shoes! My Target clearance specials have seen their better days!

  8. See, now the first thing that popped into my head was...I am saving for a fence for the back yard...I don't know if that counts as spending money on myself.

    I usually spend money on things for the house.

  9. I am the same way. In fact just tonight I took Hubby to a movie for his birthday with money that I received for Christmas.

    Anyhow, I would probably add to it and book a room at a nice hotel for the night with my hubby. Does that count?

  10. It's so easy to know what you'd spend money on when you have none... but give me a gift of cash and I draw a blank! I'd probably buy a new church outfit... since nothing fits and it's all "old."

  11. A massage.

    And if I ever win the lottery I'm going to hire a full-time massage therapist. :-)

  12. I would buy some new clothes. I have stuff from college still and many things are too big. That is good, but at the smae time, when nothing is still frustrating.....

  13. My sweet in-laws always give me cash for Christmas b/c my mom-in-law knows that I like to shop....but rarely get to....for myself! So, I do spend it on me!!!
    I go for clothes and shoes!!! My wardrobe is still quite dated but, would be much more so were it not for them each year!! :o)
    I too LOVE to spend and it is often hard to do on myself...we let ourselves feel guilty!