Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Fill In

Fill in the blanks.............

Today I feel_____________________

Today I hope to___________________

Today I am afraid of________________

Today I want to___________________

Today I absolutely WILL_____________

Today I don't want to_______________


  1. Ok, I'll play. :o)

    Today I feel happy!

    Today I hope to find those darn papers!

    Today I am afraid of what else I might find while looking for the papers!

    Today I want to swallow without restriction.

    Today I absolutely WILL read.

    Today I don't want to leave the house!

  2. Today I feel... better, darned head cold!

    Today I hope to .... go to dinner with a friend, weather pending...inches and inches of new snow and the wind is supposed to pick up

    Today I'm afraid of...having to use the restroom here at's been 2 weeks since the cleaning ladies have been here-Yikes!!!

    Today I want to...thank God for answered prayers!

    Today I absolutely will... have another cup of tea or 3

    Today I don't want to... be at work

  3. Today I feel_tired__________

    Today I hope to___take a nap___

    Today I am afraid of__not being able to speak coherantly to 2 more college classes_____

    Today I want to__take a nap___

    Today I absolutely WILL__sleep___

    Today I don't want to__be here at work____

  4. Today I feel... like I am on the verge of a very long week without my husband. I am so used to having him around. It is going to be odd not having him here for almost a solid week.

    Today I hope more in the book club book and try to start getting organized for this trip.

    Today I am afraid of..nothing. I am woman, hear me roar! I can do anything that I set my mind to!

    Today I absolutely Scrabble and read my mail, and drink my water!

    Today I don't want to...worry about the gray hair that I am noticing coming in more and more. I guess that middle age has finally caught up with me, no matter how much I might want to deny it.

  5. Today I feel dislocated

    Today I hope to clean the unfinished 1/2 of the basement

    Today I am afraid of most everything

    Today I want to get a good nights sleep

    Today I absolutely WILL give my puppies a lot of lovin'

    Today I don't want to clean my house, but how else will it get done?

  6. Today I feel happy and warm!

    Today I hope to have an awesome afternoon at the pottery studio with my cousin Sam!

    Today I am afraid that the weather is going to be tooooo cold by the end of the day (it did- the high tomorrow will be 30 degrees colder than today! 60 to 30 plus wind chill- ugh!)

    Today I want to spend time with family

    Today I absolutely WILL enjoy the moment!

    Today I don't want to worry about time!

  7. Today I feel depressed.

    Today I hope to feel less depressed.

    Today I am afraid of just about everyone and everything.

    Today I want to find some motivation.

    Today I absolutely WILL feed/play with all of the animals.

    Today I don't want to deal with the world.

  8. ... ready to start my day!

    ... do no harm! (I'm on my way to work.)

    ... over eating!

    ... play with Garrett when I get home from work.

    ... exercise.

    ... waste the day!

  9. Today I feel like I'm getting sick. : (

    Today I hope to pay bills.

    Today I am afraid of someone knocking on the door while I'm coloring my hair.

    Today I want to stay home and watch Lifetime!!

    Today I absolutely WILL color my hair.

    Today I don't want to get dressed.

  10. So I am a day late, I just couldn't think of anything to write as answers yesterday.

    Today I feel - comfortable with my life.

    Today I hope to - get a lot of snow!

    Today I am afraid of - hubby being out at a banquet as the weather is still bad.

    Today I want to - spend time with the boyz.

    Today I absolutely WILL - relax.

    Today I don't want to - forget Hubby's birthday!