Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Break in Review

This was Tony on Christmas Eve. I had asked him to cut up the ham and when I looked at his yellow shirt, I knew it would not stay clean so............I took off my grandma's apron that I was wearing and put it on him. He looked so cute, I just had to take a picture.

He said.........

So we are going to reverse roles tonight huh?

I laughed and said.................

Oh yes, let's do......... so that means I am going to go take a nap while you finish cooking and then after we eat, I'll go take another nap while you clean up. Okay?

He chuckled and said....................

I'm thinking we shouldn't reverse roles after all.

Number of days off of school= 10 (16 if you count weekends)

Number of days I stayed up past midnight= 4 (that is truly amazing for me since I wake up at 4:30am every single day of my life)

Number of days I slept in= 0 (isn't that sad?)

Number of movies I went to see= 7

Number of lunch/dinner dates with friends= 7

Number of times I went to the gym= 7

Number of miles I did on the eliptical= 35

Number of text messages Madison sent me while she was gone to Missouri= at least 100

Number of hours I spent on Facebook= 1,000 (or so it seems)

Number of closets I cleaned out = 0 (isn't that shocking?)

Number of trips I made to Waco= 3

Number of old friends I saw that I haven't seen in years and years=2

Number of massages I got= 1 (heaven, pure heaven)

Number of trips I was tempted to make to Kentucky= 1 (very, very ,very tempted)

Number of Wii games I lost= ALL of them (but it sure was fun playing)

Number of books I read= 9

Number of times I thought about how blessed I am to have 2 weeks off at Christmas= Countless