Monday, December 15, 2008

What Would You Give?

If money were no object and anything were possible,
what are three gifts that you would give away this Christmas?

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  1. I would send my parents on an Alaska cruise. I would also buy Aravis and Nitro both new cars.

    I love giving gifts, so if anything were possible, everyone in my family would get something that was very extravagant, but something that they've always wanted. :o)

    What about you? Do we get to hear what you would give away? :o)

  2. I would give all the money in the world if it were possible just for A to be a normal, healthy child.

  3. I would give the gift of LOVE to show everyone the true gift of Jesus!!!!

    I would give the gift of JOY so that all might know how wonderful life can be.

    I would give the gift of PEACE so that all might know what it is like to live without fear.

    Sorry it kind of sounds like a beauty pageant....

  4. I would buy a house for my mom.

    I would buy a house for my brother and sister-in-law

    I would like to bring back my friend, Lily's wonderful puppy, Sophie. She lost her at Thanksgiving.

  5. I've thought about this all day...

    My oldest son has a friend who has been in and out of the homeless shelter with his mom and younger brother and sister. I would buy them a home, pay all of their household expenses for 4 years, and pay for all four of them to go to college. They are such a nice family but have had a very hard time getting by.

    That would be my 3 gifts. :)

  6. 1. Freedom for J

    2. Freedom for J

    3. Erase the awful stuff that's happened to him in the last six months.

  7. I would buy my Mom a new house and pay off all her bills.

    I would do the same for my MIL.

    I would buy my family a beach house and then beg them to take me there! ;o) hehe ok, that was is not really serious but.... it sure does sound good to me on this cold grey day.

  8. turn.

    1. I would give each and every single one of the gifts listed above- especially my sister Serena's.

    2. I would cure two people that I love of the anxiety issues they are struggling with.

    3. I would give the gift of love and companionship to those in my life who are lonely.

  9. I would cure my sister's MS.

    I would cure all of cancer.

    I would adopt a hundred orphans and neglected children!