Thursday, December 4, 2008

What In the WORLD?

In addition to their search engine, Google is constantly coming up with new and exciting bells and whistles programs. Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Health, Gmail just to name a few.

But their newest venture absolutely takes the cake! As I read about it in this article, my mouth actually fell open in disbelief. Seriously.

It's called Mail Goggles. Basically it's a part of Gmail that was designed to stop people from sending embarrassing e-mails while drunk by requiring you to do math problems. You choose a level of difficulty and must do 5 problems correctly in 60 seconds in order for the email to be sent during the weekend hours of 10pm and 4am.

Basically it's a breathalyzer for your email.

All I could think of while reading this article was........are you kidding me?

Is this what our world has come to? Is there really that much of a problem with people sending email when they are drunk? How do they even manage to type or simply run their computers while drunk?

Seriously? Mail Goggles? Good night nurse.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Are you kidding??? I hadn't seen this yet. Wow! lol What might work better is to just have someone hide your keyboard...kind of like hiding your car keys...


  2. I asked Mitch about this and he said with the technology available to college kids, it is how they communicate, and forget that anything and everything that they say in cyberspace can stay out there forever. As odd as this might sound, this might actually be a good idea. In an odd, stay off the computer when you are that stupid drunk way. Oh better yet, don't get that stupid drunk. But that is just me.

  3. My goodness. I thought this was a joke...

  4. I saw this some time back.. isn't that just stupid? IF I got drunk, I don't think I'd be emailing a lot.. I dont' know that, since I don't get drunk, which would answer the question, wouldn't it?? Stupid people deserve what ever they get if they drunk email!!LOL

  5. Seriously?!?!? I didn't realize it was such a problem either. LOL

  6. What will they think of next?.....

  7. I have a Gmail account. Mail Goggles is a real feature, but you can turn it off. I turned it on for giggles a while back and was surprised that you can't bypass it once it pops up. The first time you try to skip it it tells you that you "need to drink some water and get some sleep".