Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So, Maybe They AREN'T So Fun After All

Not everyone is as amused and tickled by our pay-back prank
as you sweet blog readers are.

Let's just say that after just one attempt,

my days of prank pay backs are


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  1. I am so sorry, I hope you didn't get in any serious trouble. Doesn't it suck when everyone but you can get away with stuff?

  2. It's just your recipient was acting like a big baby.... (you know what kind of baby I mean) It's always the ones that enjoy playing pranks the most that just can't take it like they can dish it out. Dork.

  3. I'm sorry it didn't go like all of us pictured it would. :o( But, even if you never do it again, know that all of us here think you are the BOMB when it comes to prank paybacks!!! ;o)

  4. How sad that not everyone saw the humor in it. :(

  5. Stacy........No trouble, just got my feelings hurt. Mine and Madison's.

    Dory..........LOL LOL LOL

    Guinevere..........Thanks sweet friend! :)

    Jen.......let's just say that everyone EXCEPT the person who mattered most was highly amused by it.

  6. Wow, someone can dish it out but can't take it? Sour grapes I say. I am sorry that he didn't enjoy it, some people!

  7. I agree with becca- if someone is willing to dish it they must also be able to take it! Sorry your (Madison's as well) feelings were hurt. Sounds like someone needs to grow up and learn that if he chooses to throw a prank he will be pranked. Maybe Momma Shannon or Sheriff Shannon taught Aggie a lesson :)

  8. Really- some people just don't have a senses of humor :-(
    Sorry that the drip hurt your feelings, but you have to take it for what it's worth...which is not much :-)