Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please STOP Saying That!!

Is it wrong that I take such joy in repeatedly saying a phrase that drives my daughter absolutely crazy?

I think it's funny but she thinks it's so stupid and rolls her eyes and says "Mooooooom" every single time I utter it. I even shared it with Honey and he now does it too.

Is it bad that I enjoy it?

He he he he he he he he.

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PS The phrase she hates is "Double Duh". Not just "Duh" but "Double Duh." Isn't that a hoot?


  1. Well, double duh! It's not bad that you enjoy it! LOL ;o) I do the same thing to my kids. My favorite is to start singing along and dancing to certain songs or something that comes on tv. My daughter scowls at me and says, "Mom, you are so embarrassing." My son just rolls his eyes and sighs. hehehehehehehe Isn't that supposed to be part of the fun of being a parent. I figure they drive us crazy enough on other stuff, we should have our time in the sun! LOL :o)

  2. No, I don't think it's wrong- I think it's a bit of recompense from the months of pregnancy, stretch marks, & back labor :-)

  3. That's funny... even though maybe it is kind of bad that you enjoy it. Which makes it bad that I think it is funny and I enjoy it too.
    Poor Maddie. Now I feel bad!

  4. You are a crack up. I would So do the same thing, Double Duh!

  5. I feel like saying double duh all the time!