Monday, November 3, 2008

Because I am a People Pleaser

and because obviously my new hobby is posting ridiculous pictures of myself.
Here you go................

Eyebrows before Lisa the waxing girl
(This is a ridiculous picture I sent to Dory to show her how dumb my hair looked Sat. when I was heading to my tennis lesson. Maddie thinks it looks cute and wants me to wear my hair like this to school! I think I look like I am 5.)

Eyebrows after Lisa the waxing girl
(Picture taken in the car on the way to school (in the driveway). I do think they look better but boy did it shock me when she first did them!)

And since I am already embarrassed. here is a hysterical picture that Honey took while we were working on the girls Halloween costumes one night last week.

He looked at me as I was trying it on to check the length, started cracking up and then said....... you know what you look like?
(His favorite part was the combination of what I looked like plus my shirt message!)

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  1. LOL LOL LOL Love that you posted the last one too! :o)

  2. The eyebrows look nice. And I don't see anything wrong with the bangs. I also agree with Maddie, hair pulled back looks cute.

    And what exactly was the hub's talking about? Hmmmm.....????

  3. Cute pictures! I have a VERY similar haircut to yours and I wear it with the bangs back a lot. I think it looks darling on your that way. (I wear mine that way because of sheer laziness though, not for cuteness!) :)

  4. Oh-oh-oh! Head is hurting with all the smart-aleck remarks about the costume- but I'll keep it clean: a baby bottle full of milk :-)

  5. Your hair pulled back is cute!

    And I love the tshirt!

  6. Hair and eyebrows are DARLING DARLING DARLING!!! Go Maddie! Now..costume...CONDOM!!