Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Once Upon a Time............

Once upon a time there was an oldish girl.

She got the ridiculous and insane notion that taking an adult hip hop class would be loads of fun.

Somehow in her excitement she forgot that:

a. she's oldish

b.she has ZERO rhythm. ZERO.

c. the class is at 8:45pm, a time when she usually is in her pajamas and ready for bed

d. she's super stinkin' busy

And so the oldish girl ended up missing the 1st class due to illness and the 3rd AND 4th classes because she was out of town.

She did attend the 2nd class where she was hands down the WORST hip hopper EVER.


She stood behind a super sweet friend (who is GOOD at hip hop) so that she wouldn't see herself in the mirror. She knew she was BAD but didn't need to see proof of her lack of dance ability.

The teacher was sweet, her friends were fun, and the music was great- but man she SUCKED.

Big time.

And so the oldish girl decided to face reality.

The reality that she liked the thought of taking hip hop class much more than she actually liked taking hip hop.

She wasn't good at it and she didn't have time or the energy for it.

And so the girl took the easy way out and she emailed (thank goodness for email) the dance studio and became a Hip Hop Drop Out.

And she lived happily ever after.

The end.

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  1. Oh man. Which is worse?

    1) to be a busy, tired, and rhythmn-less hip hopper? OR
    2) to be a hip hop drop out ??

    Me thinks you made the right choice, all things considered. Maybe the timing was just off (and I'm not referencing your rhythmn again) and you'll be able to do it another time. If you really wanted to...

    Now.... what about tennis? ;o)

  2. Well good for you for trying new things and good for you for realizing that is just wasn't working out right now. You can try again some other time.

  3. Hey at least you tried it and you know that is the best part. And you are honest about your abilities. You aren't one of those women who have to do everything all the time and perfectly. Do what you love and enjoy it. That is the magic!

  4. I was a Bible study drop out this semseter and emailing my leader to say I wasn't going to do it was one of the most peaceful moments of my month!!!!!

    Amen to knowing when to say when!

  5. Dear Hip Hop Drop Out;

    It is good that you are able to have self reflection (I am not talking about the mirror) and decide if there is too much activity on your plate. I do hope that you find a rhythm in your life with your other activities that allow you to sway and stomp and thrust in other ways so that you can Hip Hop through your day!


    Belly Dancer who moved away from her studio and hasn't made the effort to get back into it in her new town.

    I think it is awesome you went for it and tried it out. Someday you are going to have to show me some of the moves you learned in that one class! :)

  6. At least you took a chance & tried something new~ doesn't matter whether it works out or not, it's more about expanding your horizons & listening to your daydreams :-)