Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Disobedient and Thankful

I bought Lisa Whittle's book Behind Those Eyes back in August and immediately started reading it. I was so touched by it and so convicted by the words she wrote as I saw myself on almost every single page I read.

When I saw that Lisa would be speaking in Houston, I immediately bought tickets and took two friends to hear her speak. She was absolutely wonderful and I hung on every word God spoke through her that evening. I came home excited and ready to continue reading her book and facing the things that I felt God leading me to face.

And then, as much as I loved the book- it became difficult to read.

Really difficult.

Difficult because it was painful to face the truth and to risk being vulnerable and being real.

And so- although I knew that God was prompting me to pick the book back up and face the truth- His truth- I did not.

I put the book down.

And I am embarrassed to say, I left it there.

Occasionally I would see it sitting on my desk and I would think momentarily about picking it up but I never did.

I could feel God calling me to pick it back up and face some things in my life and heart that truly needed to be faced.

But I am ashamed to say I ignored his call.

And then today sweet Lisa wrote a post that so touched my heart and my soul that it honestly made me weep. Her words truly were a gift from God.

As I read her words I could hear God reminding me over and over again that His grace is all that I need.

And as soon as I finished reading her words and drying my eyes, I went and picked that book back up.

And I thanked God for forgiving his daughter who is disobedient and flawed and for loving her always.

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