Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coming Clean

I am so very embarrassed to tell you that I have an addiction.

Well, ok, another addiction (other than my Sonic addiction).

I've tried to trick myself for weeks and weeks into believing that I don't really have a problem, that it's merely a figment of my imagination but it's a fact I can no longer deny.

When I realized that I was hiding this from my family- for fear of ridicule or embarrassment- I knew it had turned from a mere passion into a serious problem.

When my hiding place became full and I had to find another hiding place, I knew I had a problem.

When Honey saw me doing this again and said "Tell me that's not what I think it is?" and shook his head in disgust- I knew I was an addict.

When Maddie saw me doing this again and said "Mom, not again!" I knew I was in serious trouble.

When both Honey and Maddie spent the entire drive to and from church ridiculing me about this addiction-seriously giving me a really hard time- I knew that my little fun had turned into something much more serious.

When I realized that I could not control myself- that I simply HAD to do this, I knew I had a problem.

I know that the first step is admitting you have a problem so I'm here today to come clean.

My name is Shannon and I am addicted.

Addicted to buying shampoo and conditioner using coupons.

And here is the proof.
Anyone know of a good rehab?

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PS Does anyone need any shampoo or conditioner?

PPS Don't be surprised to find a bottle of shampoo and/or conditioner in your Christmas present this year. :)



    I knew that whole coupon thing would get you in trouble.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Now I know I am not alone...I have a similar addiction. I am addicted to buying school supplies! Especially, when they are on clearance at Target!! One reason I love the beginning of school...all of the incredible school supply sales! Whew!! Feels good to reveal that little secret. :)


  3. LOL Well, I don't need any more shampoo right now... ;o) Too funny!

  4. Love the title! LOL

    You are a hoot.

    So my question is, are you addicted to hair products or coupons?

    If you really need to get rid of some donate some to a women's shelter.

    This type of thing runs in my family. My grandmother had (5) 5 lb bags of sugar and (10) boxes of salt in her cupboard when they moved her from her house to my parents. My mom currently has at least (5) jars of the same spice that she loves. The shampoo in my mum's spare bath shower is Breck from a store that closed up at least 7 years ago. That is how much of that she had. LOL

    I could go on and on. hehehe

  5. Too funny!

    I would love the shampoo with the waterfall on it! It, well, seems, so tropical! And gee why would I be thinking tropical?

    Who buys too many shoes!

  6. I'd say you shouldn't be ashamed... those are things that will eventually get used up. Kind of like toilet paper. :)

    Now, I do think you might need to talk to a professional if your shampoo purchases become so numerous that you can't make a path through the living room because of them.

    Good for you, you awesome bargain shopper, you!

  7. Shannon! That is off the hook~ get thee to rehab, asap :-)

  8. well actually.... herbal essences is my favorite... hahaha jk =]

  9. I heard the Sunday coupons this week have a coupon for shampoo and conditioner..