Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coming Clean

I am so very embarrassed to tell you that I have an addiction.

Well, ok, another addiction (other than my Sonic addiction).

I've tried to trick myself for weeks and weeks into believing that I don't really have a problem, that it's merely a figment of my imagination but it's a fact I can no longer deny.

When I realized that I was hiding this from my family- for fear of ridicule or embarrassment- I knew it had turned from a mere passion into a serious problem.

When my hiding place became full and I had to find another hiding place, I knew I had a problem.

When Honey saw me doing this again and said "Tell me that's not what I think it is?" and shook his head in disgust- I knew I was an addict.

When Maddie saw me doing this again and said "Mom, not again!" I knew I was in serious trouble.

When both Honey and Maddie spent the entire drive to and from church ridiculing me about this addiction-seriously giving me a really hard time- I knew that my little fun had turned into something much more serious.

When I realized that I could not control myself- that I simply HAD to do this, I knew I had a problem.

I know that the first step is admitting you have a problem so I'm here today to come clean.

My name is Shannon and I am addicted.

Addicted to buying shampoo and conditioner using coupons.

And here is the proof.
Anyone know of a good rehab?

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PS Does anyone need any shampoo or conditioner?

PPS Don't be surprised to find a bottle of shampoo and/or conditioner in your Christmas present this year. :)