Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School Traditions

I'm a girl that loves, loves, loves traditions. I think it's because my mother was HUGE tradition girl and instilled that love in me.

We have a few normal back to school traditions and this year we started a few new ones.

The one that I love the most and that Maddie can NOT stand is the one that we started back when she was in Kindergarten. Each year I take her picture holding a sign that says "Madison's First Day of ______" along with the date.

Sometimes we take it at home, sometimes at school but we ALWAYS take it. And Maddie fusses every year. And every year I remind her that we will do it every year until she graduates and that if she fusses too much I'll come to college and take her picture in front of her dorm. I can't wait till the day when she has her own kids and is carrying on this tradition and I get to watch them gripe about it like she did! :)

Here are her pictures from the last two years. It's amazing to see how much she has changed and grown!

These are her pictures from today.
How did my baby get into the 7th grade?

She loves to remind me......."Only 2 more years to high school Mom."

That makes me want to cry.

Big tears.

Big, big, big tears.

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P.S. Yes, that is her bag/backpack. Isn't it huge? For school this year, instead of a backpack, she really wanted to get a bag from Abercrombie and Fitch. After looking at them online and finding that they were $80, I told her that I would pay what I normally did for a backpack and she would have to pay for the rest. She had a gift card left from Christmas and so we found it on sale, used her gift card, and I only had to pay $15 which is WAY less than I normally pay for a backpack. Woo hoo! The bag is HUGE and should carry all of her books this year. I'm just praying she doesn't end up with a hump on her back from carrying it on one shoulder!


  1. ...but it is BIG, BIG, BIG fun to have a kid in high school.


  2. but still. BIG tears. they grow up too fast.

  3. is that her school bag? it's almost bigger than she is. :)

    erin hill

  4. Oh Maddie! You look beautiful and some day, when you're old and wrinkled - like ME - you'll LOVE that you have these pictures to look back on! Really. I promise.

  5. Wow! She looks like a grown up woman in that picture. The cute little girl that I met in kindergarten has grown into a lovely and beautiful young lady. I know that you are proud of her!

  6. Great tradition. She'll always be your baby. My baby is 6'3" and 220. He'll always be my baby.

  7. Enjoy these days. I miss them. Sorry, I shouldn't have stopped by today. But she sure is beautiful. Just like her mom!


  8. Same tradition, sans the sign- Sam has to hold up the appropriate fingers :-)
    This year was hard- 12th grade- my baby is a senior. ACKK! I'm so not ready for this :-(

  9. I feel your pain, Shannon.

    Having a high school aged kid makes me want to cry. I was just in high school myself!

    That Maddie sure is a cutie pie!