Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All together they cost...........................


Can you believe that?

The votives and pillows were
90 % OFF.

Each pillow was regularly $16.99 and I paid $1.69 each.
Each votive was regularly $1.49 and I paid $0.15 each.

Crazy isn't it?
I sure do love, love, love a bargain!

How could I NOT take them all home with me for that price?

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  1. Great finds! Honestly, I would have guessed closer to $50 but I knew it had to be an incredible savings since you asked. :)

  2. Wow... you go girl.

    One question... what the heck didja do to that receipt? Looks like you balled it up to trash it and then thought.....ding ding - Ta DA!!!! Blog idea!! :o)

  3. LOL Dory! I actually took a picture of it with my phone BEFORE I threw it away but when I went to send it to my email, it was gone. So I had to dig it out of the trash to take a second picture. :)