Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Standing on The Word

My house is a huge stinkin' disaster and it's about to make me go insane!


It's a disaster because we are in the midst of ripping out all of our carpet and replacing it with wood laminate floors. I know I'm going to love it when it is done but right now I am about to go batty because of all of the mess and clutter which seems to be absolutely, positively everywhere! I'm a girl who loves a place for everything and everything in it's place and right now..............NOTHING is in it's place.

This evening while we were finishing prepping Maddie's room I had an idea. I got a black Sharpie and told her to write her favorite Bible verses on the concrete floor. She absolutely loved the idea and immediately got to work. She knew several verse by heart that she wanted to use and quickly wrote them on the floor.

She then got her Bible out and began to search for other verses. It was so fun to watch her search through her Bible and find verses that really spoke to her.

I tried to suggest a few that I thought she might like. One verse I love, have on my desk at work, and suggested to her was Philippians 2:14 which says.........Do everything without complaining or arguing. She said "OH no, I'm not putting that verse down. If I do, I'll feel bad every time I complain or argue." That of course, was my point. (Of course I explained that even if she chose not to use that verse, it is one we are called to obey. )

She spent about an hour looking up and writing verses on her floor. I loved watching her and love the thought that she will daily be surrounded by God's word.

It kind of gives new meaning to "Standing on the Word" doesn't it?

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