Friday, June 13, 2008

Things I've Learned This Week

-12 year old girls think that all mom's wear their pants too high (there was a big discussion about this at Maddie's slumber party)

-The laughter of little girls (even in the middle of the night) is a joy to hear!

-Perfectionists should NOT paint. It's impossible for it to be perfect and as a result they will become VERY frustrated.

-12 year old girls LOVE to text message and when you put 7 of them together each with their own cell phone, it will become a texting frenzy.

-Honey likes the wii as much (or more) as Maddie. He even played it by himself while we were out of town on Wed. night.

-Doing something tedious like painting, is lots more fun with a friend.

-I have the sweetest friends EVER and am so very blessed.

-Life is short and we should treasure every single day with those we love.

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good week! Slumber parties are the most fun! I love listening to little girls laughing and giggling.. almost as great as toddler's giggling! You are a blessed woman this week, Shannon!

  2. 7 12yr olds each w/their own cell phone! Oh my! 1 14yr old w/one phone is too much for me some days!

    LOL I bet fun was has by all!

  3. Ok, well, I've reconsidered. You probably wouldn't WANT me to help you paint because I am so NOT a perfectionist. Good is *good enough* for me - I don't need perfect. So you'd probably end up more bothered by my help! lol

    Seven texting girls... that could be a new verse in the *12 days of Christmas* song.. ;o)

  4. That is so funny on the texting thing, I don't. But I am getting the IPhone, next month, because hub gets a discount on our plan, then you can teach me how to text. Wanna? ;-) July 11th, come on and get here!

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment and your prayers! They mean SOOO much! I read below about your daughter and how long you waited for her - I know she is a blessing to you! You are entering teenage years - WATCH OUT! ha!
    I love your blessing list - that is precious! and it sounds like you like Sonic drinks as much as me!