Sunday, June 8, 2008

Still Stripping

Hours I spent stripping this weekend: 15.5 (wallpaper of course)

Walls left to be stripped: 1.5 very small walls (And that is ONLY because I had to shower before church tonight and didn't get home till after 11pm)

Number of bathrooms in my house that is sanded and ready to be painted: 1 (thanks to sweet Honey!)

Number of HUGE bumps on the top of my head from hitting it on the light box above the sink as I stood on the edge of the tub today to get some wallpaper down: 1 (I hit it so hard that Honey heard it in the other room and came running to see what had happened)

Number of times I said.......I hate wallpaper: at least 437, maybe more

Number of times Holly tried to eat pieces of wallpaper: 28 (silly dog)

Number of Sonic drinks I consumed during the wallpaper stripping this weekend: 4 (Isn't that shockingly low? It's only because I was obsessed with getting the wallpaper down, not because I didn't want more.)

Number of temporary crowns I had put on Thursday after sitting for 2 1/2 hours in the chair with my mouth open: 1 (Have I mentioned how much I hate to go to the dentist?)

Number of temporary crowns I have in my mouth now: 0 (Which means another trip to the dentist and that makes me want to cry)

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  1. I know you're tired and wanting to be DONE with this whole wallpaper business... I don't blame you at all. But the reward once you are done will be HUGE! Just keep your eye on the prize. :o)

    Sorry you lost your crown. :o(

  2. Oh no not another crown issue. I am sorry to hear it. Hope that this is taken care of soon. And good job on all the wall paper removal!

  3. I can feel your pain on the wallpaper and the dentist!!
    I go for an appt. Wedn., replacement of 2 old fillings and cleaning.....scared of what else they will find in there!
    Curious who your dentist is??

    And, did you go to church to do Billy Graham? Do you help with that? I've been asked to and haven't been able to make a training yet but, want to get started!