Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Finds

Below is proof positive that there are times that I spend entirely too much time on the Internet. There are so many fun things I come across, I just had to share some of my recent favorite finds.

I know that I will never own a Hermes purse, but on their website you can customize, download and print your own-all out of paper. How cute is that? Wouldn't that be fun for some little (or not so little) girls this summer or as a little place card at a party or shower? (Tip: to find this cutie, just wait for the page to load and click on the tiny pic that looks like this)

The teacher in me LOVES this idea. It's fun but I can also see using it in the classroom in a bunch of different ways! On this site you can send a geo Greeting written in the most unique way ever because each letter is a building somewhere in the world, viewed from above using Google Maps. You can zoom in on each building to learn more about it and even submit your own letter find. It's super fun!

On the TinyPocketPeople website, you can create an unique, personalized miniature you, based on your uploaded digital photograph. It's a huggable version of someone you love. How great would this be for a little one who has a loved one going away to war? So cute and so easy!

welcome to the things that annoy us daily is a funny new website where new pictures are posted daily (or more often) of things that annoy people. It's an entertaining look at what bugs some people. You can submit your own photos of things that get on your last nerve. And if you do, be sure to send me a link to it! :) This is one of the ones that made me laugh the hardest.

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