Friday, June 27, 2008


Spending a week with my sweet friend Dory is a rare and precious treat. It was truly a gift.

A gift I am so ever thankful for. Especially because the drive here to Texas was so long, so difficult, and so exhausting for her, her girls, and her sweet husband.

Only a true and precious friend would make such a long drive. And Dory is truly a precious friend and a gift from God.

Here are just a few things I loved about our little vacation...........

-Watching our three girls have a ball together and listening to them laugh and play together.

-Getting forehead warnings and laughing about nutbobs!

-Listening to Dory laugh so hard she snorted. I LOVE her little snort! :)

-Watching movies and crying together.

-Looking at old pictures together.

-Going shopping together- instead of talking to her or sending her pictures while shopping. Way more fun!

-Playing Scrabble together. So much more fun than playing online.

-Visiting with her sweet and funny girls. They are so adorable and such a hoot!

-Planning a tea party for our girls and acting as their servers.

-Washing dishes together and chatting about everything, anything, and nothing.

-Sitting on the porch each morning (her with her coffee and me with my Diet Coke) listening and watching the birds as the sun rose.

The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had. ~Author Unknown~

Thank you sweet Dory for coming to Texas to see me.

I love you sweet friend!

Updated to add:
-Getting to hug her husband D's sweet neck. He truly is fabulous, sweet, and charming! Only a sweetheart would get up at 3:30am to drive to the airport to fly to Texas- arriving at 12:40 only to stop for a quick lunch and then get in the van and drive 14 hours home- just so sweet Dory didn't have to do it on her own. He honestly is amazing and I owe him BIG time! Thank you D from the bottom of my heart!

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