Thursday, May 24, 2018

He is WITH Us

There are times when the tragedy and horrors of this life just seem to be too much and honestly threaten to overwhelm me. My heart literally aches for so many hurting families and friends facing serious illness crisis, death, struggle and pain. When things are good it's so easy to praise the Lord for His goodness. But when things are bad and sad? It can be just plain hard y'all.

My life verse is an interpretation of Daniel 3:18 which is...."& if not, He is still good." It's a reminder that although God doesn't promise to save us from the flames, He has promised to be with us as we walk through the fire. It comes from the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as they headed into a furnace- facing what could have been a terrible & incredibly painful death. Thankfully, God protected them but they were prepared to be faithful and were actually prepared to die if necessary. It's important to note that God didn't put out the fire they were facing. He just put Jesus in there with them and they came out perfectly fine- without even smoke on them. 
(You can read the awesome story here: )

My prayer for you and me to today is that we are reminded as we face the fires in our lives (and we WILL face them) that He is with us. He may not stop the fire that we face or the trial that we are going through- but He will be in it with you. We are never alone- He is with us always. And that no matter what....He IS good and faithful and loves us so!


  1. Loved the reminder... sometimes we get too busy with our own "problems" that even though we know the answer in our heads, we forget to bring it down to our hearts. Yes, HE is still good.. no matter what else is happening. Anyway, I really wanted to say...where did you get your bracelet???

  2. I bought it online but I don't remember where! I did a search on ETSY for personalized leather bracelet and there are lots of options!

  3. Thank you, I'll check it out! Thanks again for taking the time to post :)