Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So one of my goals for the year was to be more transparent. 
To be more honest. 
To be more real. 

It's easy to look at other women and think they have it all together.
To think that they have a beautifully decorated house, 
perfect children, clean closets, a full bank account,
the best job ever and a dreamy marriage-
and that in comparison we are a big hot mess
and don't measure up.

I think with the increase in social media it's easier
 than ever to feel like we are a big failure in a world full of perfect ladies.
Like we are the ONLY one who doesn't have all of her ducks in a row. 

We compare our reality to others
posed, cropped, filtered, and edited pictures
we see on Facebook and Instagram
and become discouraged.

But here's the thing sweet friends....NO ONE has it all together.

I NEVER want anyone to think I have it all together because
If you think I do, you are sadly mistaken.
I am a big, giant, saved by grace MESS.

In order to be more transparent
and to help us all realize that we are not alone,
 I decided to start

Each Wednesday on Facebook or Instagram I post several things 
about myself {usually super embarrassing} 
to let others know that I am indeed FAR from having it all together.

The first time I posted I was immediately sick to my stomach thinking....
"Why in the world did I just share all THAT on Facebook?"
But the response I got was overwhelming
and so positive!

So many friends said things like...
Thank you for making us see that we're all a little messy 
or lazy and not perfect at everything we do. 
Here's my confession......

Since then I've looked forward to every single Wednesday because 
I know that as soon as I post my own confessions, 
others will post theirs and I just LOVE reading them! 

Here are a few more of my posts.
I wish I could post the responses because they are AWESOME!

So if you'd like to join me, just comment below 
or come over to Facebook and join me for #keepingitrealwednesday! 

And please sweet friends, remember.....
{and that's okay!}

Print your own copy HERE. 

Psalm 139:14 says....
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.


  1. Pure Awesome. And I totally relate. The only reason I may not join you on Facebook is that all of that "perfect" on the site in general tends to make me feel like a big fat failure and I always get sucked in when I go on to look at one thing. Any thought of making your "#keepingitrealWednesday" stuff here, cause that would be a "sweet blessing" to me, for sure.
    Okay, here's my "keepingitreal" moment.... I work from home and this week, have been trying to get back into the habit of waking up with my jr. and sr. high kids in the morning, instead of leaving the whole morning routine to my husband as I've been doing lately. I've managed to get up and help for the past 3 days, woohoo! The problem... I stay up so late at night, that once they leave, I have a nice quiet time, fall back asleep, sleep 'til noon despite my alarm clocks, start work around 1, stay up too late, and the whole thing starts again. Ugh. (As I write, I'm wondering why in the world I'm confessing this and am also hoping against hope that my last name won't show up when I post this... glad you have a "preview" button!)
    One last thing... love the printables. When I first saw them in my email it looked like it was all one printable rather than two "You are enough and you can do anything (but not everything)". Would love to see one that says the whole thing!
    Thanks again for keepin' it real,

    1. Oh Sandy I love your #keepingitrealwednesday ! Thank you so much for sharing! I may just start posting it here when I post it on FB. I totally understand what you mean about FB- it makes me feel that way sometime too! I will definitely make a printable with both statements in one! Thanks for the great idea!

    2. Thanks for the encouragement and for not going screaming into the night after hearing my confession! :) I think we're much harder on ourselves than others would be... frankly, after finding out that a friend isn't perfect, I often feel relieved and actually more drawn to them than before. I've been working on being more transparent for years, but it still leaves me feeling a bit naked at times! Looking forward to the new combo printable and thanks again. You rock!

  2. I would love for this to be a link up in the blog world! I think I may post a "Keeping It Real Wednesday" blog post on my blog!

    1. Oh great idea! Maybe I'll start one next week! :)

  3. As soon as I post mine, I think of 5 other things I could have / should have posted. I've loved this part of my week, posting my reality. And it ain't pretty!

    1. Oh me too friend, me too! But sadly I'm so forgetful since surgery I keep a note on my phone with them so I don't forget!