Thursday, February 7, 2013

Act Without Expectation

I spoke to some sweet ladies at church tonight about being intentional
 about blessing others and it was such a fun evening!

Sharing ideas for acts of kindness is so fun!
I got many more ideas tonight myself from the sweet ladies who attended.

Here's a sweet video that I just love about a kindness boomerang! 

This is one of my favorite sayings and
 I made a little poster of it as a reminder to myself! 


  1. Why that video made me cry, I don't know... but it did! I just love kindness. :)

  2. Wow, wow, wow. Love this!
    Thank you AGAIN for your inspiration Shannon!
    This is giving me all kinds of ideas to promote kindness at work.
    And...because I help with I can use this to promote kindness even further.

  3. I am going to use this in my high school advisory block...amazing.

  4. So simple, but easy to forget to do....lend a hand.