Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thank YOU!

Early this morning I woke to find several sweet emails from blog readers.  
I'm pretty sure that most people don't  have any idea
 how much I love and treasure each email from blog readers 
but y'all they mean so very much to me!
It makes me super excited to see them pop in my inbox! 

To hear how my blog, ideas, and printables have made
 even a small difference in the lives ofpeople I don't even know- 
gives me more joy than you could possibly know!

I know it seems so silly to be so touched simple by words in emails
but when your love language is words of affirmation 
know that it means a TON!

I realized this morning as I read these emails that I 
needed to say THANK YOU to you sweet readers. 

Thank you for reading my blogs,
 for leaving sweet comments and ideas, 
for emailing me questions and thank yous. 
Thank you for being so stinkin' sweet!
Each of you is truly a blessing to me and I am so very thankful for you! 

And for sweet new reader Kristi who emailed me early this morning  
I want you to know that I am praying for you! 
{and here's a little something I made this am just for you!}
Every Little Thing


  1. Love your blog! It has inspired me...I am new to the blogging world.


    1. I love your heart, Shannon. I've been following along since last year's random acts of kindness and you inspire me so much!

      A belated Happy birthday from South Africa

  2. Shannon, you are a blessing to all the people whos lives you cross every single day. Big hugs to you! I <3 you my friend!

  3. Needed to see this today! Thanks for encouraging us out here in bloggy world!

  4. I see your blog by chance. I felt so move by your words. I think we should thank you.

  5. Shannon, thank you for this encouragement. I can't be the only one who is fearful that their comments may not be welcome or valued, I was very touched by your words. The printable is great as ever. I know Jesus has sorted out the big things so why do I spend so much time worrying about the little ones?

    1. Oh Twiz....every single comment I get is valued and so appreciated! Blogging without getting comments is like talking to yourself. Thank you for sharing with me- YOU are a blessing!

  6. Did you know you were featured in "The Sisters" Tip of the Week!! How cool is that!?! Hop on over and see!! Too super awesome!! Here is the link-
    They mention your THINK poster. I have the poster hanging above my desk at work. Love it!
    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher