Sunday, February 19, 2012

Small Things

I think that sometimes in this world of Pinterest 
{land of a million awesome ideas that I wish I had the time or creativity for}
 and Facebook {where it seems everyone has a fabulous marriage, children, life} 
it's easy to feel insignificant and unimportant.
To tend to think that the things we do need to be extraordinary and amazing and BIG.

I think that when we feel we can't do things on a grand scale, 
that the acts of love we have to offer are
too little, too insignificant, too minor, too small
we often seem to just give up and do nothing instead. 

This quote by Mother Teresa is such a great reminder
 that when we show love it doesn't have to be grand to be genuine. 
That we are to love in the small things.
The simple words, gestures, hugs, and smiles.
To simply love without getting tired. 

Be Faithful in Small Things


  1. I just found your blog and it's so inspirational! You're witty and entertaining :o) I look forward to your other posts as I'm your newest follower!

    1. Welcome Jen and thank you so much for your sweet words!

  2. I love it! I just got back from church and that's exactly what today's sermon was on. It was from Matt 25 where Jesus gave 3 servants "money". He gave one 5, another 2, and the last one 2. The servants (except the one with 1) took it and multiplied it...the other Guy buried it in the ground. The Lord was pleased with the two of them and gave them even more, equally. It showed me regardless if u have alot or not alot, give...its your heart attitude and faithfulness. Then he will bless is even more abundantly. :) sorry so long I just had to share. I love your blog. :)

    1. Yes Vanessa! Love how you said it.......its your heart, attitude, and faithfulness that matters!

  3. I am very thankful you posted this! Amazing message, like it was written for me! (plus some good book suggestions!)