Monday, February 20, 2012

Randomness on Monday Night

1.  It's been a sweet forever since my little old bloggity blog has 
had a spruce up so I decided it was time! 
{If you are reading this in a reader, click on over to see what I am talking about!}
I'm still playing with it and moving some things around but I think I really like this new look!
I tried to make it a little less crowded, a little cleaner look, simplified. 
So what do you think? 

2. Reading this book right now
and y' is GOOD.
Challenging. Thought provoking.
And so very good. 

3. One of my goals for 2012 is to re-memorize the books of the Bible. 
I know most of the new testament but struggle sometimes in the old testament. 
Well this may sound super nerdy but I found the coolest app to help me!
It's called Bible Books 
Bible Books is a fun and easy game that uses several different memorization techniques to help you learn the names and books of the bible.

4. Saw the movie The Vow this weekend and it was such a sweet story. 
If you are on Pinterest you've probably seen this but it's so true!
{he is YUMMY!}

5. This video is absolutely RIDICULOUS but so dang funny!
{be sure to listen to the song}
Talk about a piggy back ride! 

6. When I was little I had this book and loved it!
I saw it on Pinterest the other day and can not stop thinking about it.
It's a book all about making fun drawing from thumbprints. 
Would it be weird for a 41 year old to order it for herself?
Doesn't it look like fun?

7. My birthday is coming up and I have a super fun idea this year for doing my 
42 Random Acts of Kindness and I'm SO stinkin' excited about it! 
{Here's what I did on my 40th and my 41st birthdays! So so so so so much fun!
Truly the BEST way ever to spend a birthday!}
I'm working on the details now and will share my plans with you soon! 

 8. Can't stop on an odd number so.........
ask ME a question and I'll answer it! :) 


  1. Love Ed Emberly's book! I teach Kinder and when I teach the "th" sound we make thumbprint animals and write about them :) SO fun!


  2. I started following you last year on your birthday. Can't wait for your RAOK this year :)

    Ad yes your blog looks pretty

  3. First things first. Love the new blog look!{Love the blog, period. Always uplifting :)} Happy Birthday! {Love your idea of RAOK on your birthday.} I almost bought the Fingerprint Book 2 weeks ago. Now I wish I did. {Guess who's going back to Lakeshore to get it?}

  4. Cute video, but now the song is seriously stuck in my

  5. song is definitely stuck in my head lol ... the book you mentioned, An Experimental Mutiny against Excess, I was just at B&N looking at this. Never heard of it before that. lol thats weird :)
    I am a new follower of your blog one of my Facebook friends told me about it. I will be picking that book up right after I get done with "Too Blessed For This Mess" by Cindi Wood. Which is an amazing book! I would recommend it to any woman who is stressed.

    God Bless,

    P.S. I am LOVIN' your RAOK! I am definitely going to do some of the things you have done. Thank you for your Random Acts of Kindness :)

    1. Oh I'll definitely be checking out "Too Blessed for This Mess"! Thanks for sharing it!