Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Dory

My sweet friend Dory lives in 
while I live all the way in
See how far apart they are? 
WAY too far away.

Anyone know a way to move those two closer together? 
Like just move a few of the states out of the way? 

Today is her birthday 
and it makes me super stinkin' sad 
that I can't celebrate with her. 

Since I can't tell her in person I thought I'd tell her here. 

sweet friend!

You truly are one of my greatest earthly blessings
and I honestly don't know what I'd do without you! 

I love you much and pray your day is fabulous, fun, and 
full of being reminded how loved you are!


  1. Those pics are WAY TOO STINKIN funny!!!!!!! Thanks for making me laugh (again)! I love you, goober.

  2. If you could have seen me trying to take them before anyone walked into my classroom you REALLY would have laughed! I looked ridiculous!

  3. Have you read Lauri Keller's book the Scrambled States of America? You've got a good chance of being closer in that book! It'd make a CuTe b-day gift for her!

    This was a fun post, Shannon - thanks for always brightening my day.

    The Corner On Character