Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trial News

So I still plan to write a bunch about the trial
 I served as a juror on soon 
(still recovering from the week long trip to LA) 
but had a question about it that I wanted y'all to answer.

In the capital murder trial we found the defendant guilty.  
He now has a new lawyer who is trying to determine grounds for an appeal 
since his client was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

This new lawyer has been aggressively contacting 
the jurors from our trial- 
calling them at home, calling their parents to try 
and get their phone numbers,
 even showing up at their houses to talk to them at night.  

He asks them questions about the trial such as.....
did you know any of the witnesses prior to the trial, 
did you talk about the trial over the weekend you were sequestered, etc. 

He hasn't yet showed up at my house but I've been thinking
 a lot about how I will react.  
On the one hand, he is working hard for his client and I respect that.  
On the other, it seems a bit aggressive.  

What do you think? Would you talk to him if it were you? 
Do you think he's doing his job or is out of line? 


  1. seriously out of line. i wouldn't think that would be ok at all and i wouldn't comment to him or answer the door.

  2. that just seems wrong to me. he can do that??? i wouldn't talk to him...

  3. Out of line. I would not talk to him. I would report him. That seems like harassment and intimidation to me.

  4. I would call the judge and report him. I don't think they are supposed to harrass jurors. We are supposed to be protected from that.. They can ask, but must leave you alone if you say no.. I think..

  5. I have to agree with everyone else... I understand he is trying to cover all the bases in hopes of finding some justifiable reason to another trial but.... seems out of line and highly questionable that he can contact the jurors.

  6. I wouldn't talk to him either. I'd be worried about saying something stupid that would get me into trouble later!

  7. I'm with the others, plus it's frustrating that he is looking for a technocality to get his client off.

  8. Ditto! I wouldn't talk to him. And I think he's out of line!