Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You Are.....

You are not your past
You are not your failures
You are not your parents
You are not your sister
You are not your regrets
You are not your sin
You are not your weight
You are not your divorce
You are not your unemployment
You are not the choices someone else made for you
You are not your brokenness
You are not your bitterness
You are not your abuse
You are not your loneliness
You are not your marital status
You are not your tax bracket
You are not your crisis

This is who YOU are:
You are loved
You are forgiven
You are redeemed
You are destined
You are set apart
You are a new creation
You are valued
You are gifted
You are chosen
You are prized
You are reconciled
You are called
You are noticed
You are pursued
You are a child of The King
You are a co-heir with Christ
You are a royal priesthood
You are adored, cherished and treasured by the God of this universe.

When you choose to stop living out who you are not
 and you start to live in who you are.....
It changes everything.


  1. Wow, what powerful words! Thanks for sharing.

    I hope you don't mind me answering your question here but my pop up email thingie isn't working. The lipstick I was wearing is a lipstain from MAC called Modern Mocha with a few dabs of Viva Glam VI lipglass over the top.

  2. Awesome post. It is beyond my comprehension that we have a God who so adores us. And, Shannon, YOU ARE (also)... a precious friend who is loved immensely.

  3. Oh I didn't write this- a friend posted it on Facebook after getting it in an email. I do love it so though!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful words! Thank you.

  5. Beautiful..thanks Shannon...

  6. Love it! I hope your readers take it to heart.

  7. So I am loving your blog and have spent all afternoon (off and on) looking at your blog! This blog post was really good for me to find. Thank you for sharing it with us.