Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My 40 Random Acts of Kindness

My birthday was spent performing 40 Random Acts of Kindness- 
one for every year of my life-
 with my sweetest friend Dory 
(who was my fabulous photographer all day!)

To say it was a fun day was an understatement! 

It truly was the best birthday ever!

Here's what we did: 
(that was a secret so if you know him, please don't tell him!)


Tomorrow (hopefully- if not, then Friday) I'll be posting the very LONG list 
of RAOK my sweet friends and family did in honor of me on my birthday.  

The list is long and full of some fabulous randoms acts of kindness! 
I am truly blessed! 



  1. SO fantastic. Let's hear it for 40.


  2. Beyond awesome!!! Thanks again!!!

  3. this blessed me just reading it.--janet

  4. This is one of the best blog post I have ever had the pleasure of reading.The pics were awesome too and really brought it to life I too turn 40 and may have to give this a try. I have been dreading it, but I think this is a special way to enjoy it. It brought tears to my eyes.

    You are an awesome woman! Happy Memorable Birthday.

  5. love LOVE L.O.V.E. this-----can't wait to hear all about the things that went on to celebrate your birthday!!!!

    love you tons-

  6. Your #23 made me cry. Was just thinking about their sweet momma yesterday and how much they mean to her and how she'll see them again someday. I think that's my favorite one. <3


  7. Thank you so much for sharing your 40th with so many people. You are an inspiration to me who is dreading that big birthday in less than a year. I am thinking that I may steal your idea if you don't mind. You were a true blessing to so many yesterday. I can't wait to hear what everyone else did on your behalf. Hope you got 40 more to share.

  8. What a memorable day! You are one of the most inspirational people I know. Scientists need to figure out the whole cloning thing so there can be more of you on earth. Chris

  9. Wonderful blessings passed on to others. Congratulations Shannon!

  10. You are an amazing woman, Miss Shannon!

  11. You are amazing. What a special, wonderful gift you are to this world.
    I am so incredibly honored to be your friend.

  12. You are a blessing to me every day that I have you as a friend. Thanks for sharing your special day.

  13. Holy Cow, actually got 40 in?? I am suuuuper impressed...long, FUN day, I'll bet! :) So glad to see it went well and that so many awesome friends joined in the birthday fun for you! How many people were blessed because of your birthday!! Amazing!
    Thanks for letting me play a (small) part in your special day. My heart is full from these posts!

  14. Very cool Naner! You are such a blessing from God and I am blessed to know you.

  15. What a wonderful idea! Thank you for posting this!
    I don't even know you in person, but I am blessed by just reading this perfect way of celebrating the day our Lord gave you life!

  16. This was a fantastic way to spend a birthday. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Enjoy the 42 RAOK!

  17. You inspire me to be better . . . thank you for always going above and beyond!

    EnJOY your outing; I'd love to make a donation toward the project so email me an address and I'll send a check.

    gruenergang (at)

    Birthday blessings,

    The Corner On Character