Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

How would you feel if someone read the text messages on your phone?
How about if someone read your emails?
Would it make a difference if it was a family member who did the reading?


  1. I wouldn't mind much... Travis and I both know each other's passwords to email accounts. I don't think he reads mine, but he could if he wanted to. And I could read his if I wanted to but it would be boring work stuff. :) As far as texts go, I wouldn't be upset if he read mine. I don't know how to read his texts - his Treo phone is too complicated.

    If anyone other than Travis read my email/texts, then I would be peeved. Like if I accidentally left my hotmail logged in on my work computer and someone read it instead of just closing it out... I'd be upset.

    I guess my answer is if my husband reads my stuff, it is okay. If anyone else does, it isnt okay.

  2. Hmmm...good question. Most of my texts are with the kids, so those wouldn't bother me at all. Mostly stuff like "Where r u?", "R u @ work?", "B home 4 dinner?"...that kind of stuff. My email is different. There is nothing there that I would be ashamed of, but it's almost like going through my purse...even though there is nothing incriminating in there, it's still my personal property.

  3. Mitch and I share the same accounts for some things so on that I do not have a problem. I have shown him some of my funnier text messages I have received, and how to get them and who to send them to in the case of an emergency. I have nothing to hide from him, so no. But if it was someone I did not know, that would peeve me. That is like opening my personal mail. If you are not my husband, you best not be doing it.

  4. Like other people said, it depends who it is. If I have stuff that I don't want read then I don't share my password and make sure I close it out. My life is kind of boring so I doubt anyone would want to read my texts or emails.

  5. interesting topic, Ms. Shan! I think it would depend on the motive. Is there a pressing reason to locate some information, an emergency? Is someone in danger? A danger to themsleves? Sometimes some things are necessary. Otherwise, ask first!