Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

Sat. evening Tony took Madison and I out to dinner and afterwards I asked to stop by Hobby Lobby for a few minutes. Anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE signs (and have quite a few) and I love the signs they have at Hobby Lobby. So on our way out of the store we went through the sign section and had such fun showing each other fun signs.
(In fact I found one sign that I simply HAVE to have. It magnetic and it says Count Your Blessings on it and has the cutest little fleur-de-lis magnets on it so you can add pictures to it- SO cute! I should have taken a picture of it to show you how cute it is! )

(Madison's face in this picture CRACKS me up! She's so silly and so much fun- I love that girl to pieces!

Thanks Maddie for being a good sport and letting me post this here! :)

(How cute is my hubby? Love his sign- truer words have never been said! :)

So the question for today is..........
If you had to wear a sign today- what would your sign say?


  1. Well, since it is Monday and insomnia kept me awake last night, by about 10 am mine would have to say:
    Speak to at Own Risk


  2. "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." And on my backside, "Everyone is entitled to my opinion."

    Yep, it's one of those days.

  3. "Keep the peace~Pass the chocolate!"

  4. "Stop the coughing...I wanna get off"!! :o)

    I'm going to see my sister this weekend.......hopefully I'll be well.....and I can't wait to take her the 'word' you made her!!! :o)

  5. "Yes, I did look in the mirror before I left"
    "It's Good to be Queen"

  6. My sign would say...trying to ignore a headache all day

  7. Mine would say... "Sink or swim"

  8. Mine would say "Is it bedtime yet?" Daddy Boy is out of town which makes little girls squirrley and Mama Girl tired!!

  9. "So much to learn
    So little time"

    Hope you're doing well.

  10. Probably something a bit ornery like "Arsenic is organic too." In a very lovely script font though.

  11. "Please Be Patient - Construction in Progress."

  12. "Just keep swimming"- Dory in Finding Nemo