Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Choices

Christmas Choices

1. Tinsel or NO Tinsel?

NO Tinsel

2. Colored lights or white lights?

White, white, and only white

3. Fruitcake or gingerbread?

Gingerbread, but only if it's soft.

4. Bows on packages or no bows (just lucky to have the presents wrapped)?

BOWS- and lots of them! I mean..........come on, I went to Baylor!

5. Shopping done early or shopping done at the very last minute?

Done early- but always go out and find a few more things at the last minute.

6. Santa or no Santa?


7. Open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas Eve- except for Santa

8. Real tree or fake tree?

Love real but have fake now because it's easier and less messy! I used to worry constantly that a real tree would die before Christmas, no worries with a fake tree!

9. Christmas cards: always, sometimes, or never?

Every other year.

10. Christmas Eve at home or at church?

Church if we are in town.

Now it's your turn. What about you?

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  1. 1. No tinsel
    2. White lights only
    3. Neither!
    4. Bows
    5. Usually early
    6. No Santa
    8. Fake tree
    9. Always cards
    10. Christmas Eve

  2. 1. Tinsel
    2. Both
    3. Gingerbread
    4. just lucky to have them wrapped-but would prefer bows
    5. Not early but not last minute either - middle
    6. SANTA
    7. gowing up always Christmas Eve, but since having my own kids - Christmas morning.
    8. Fake
    9. Cards --usually at the last minute
    10. Home (usually at my moms)

  3. 1. Tinsel...only because Muftak INSISTS, but I make him put it on the tree. I get stuck pulling it all off after Christmas, though.

    2. White...or at least all a single color.

    3. Gingerbread! YUM!

    4. Oh, gotta have bows!!!

    5. Some shopping done early, some done late. Mixed.

    6. No Santa. We've never done Santa with the kids. When they were little, they were always asked in the stores what they were asking Santa for Christmas. One time (at about age 6), Nitro looked at me and said, "Is Santa that fat guy in a red suit?" lol

    7. Christmas morning. We used to let the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve...but it was always new pjs. They caught on by year #2. lol

    8. Fake.

    9. Always on Christmas cards.

    10. We're usually at home on Christmas Eve, but this year, we'll be in TEXAS!!!! Yay! :o)

  4. 1. Not tinsel- the cats think it's shiny dental floss (& I won't tell you the trouble it causes the other end!)
    2. White
    3. Gingerbread- I make a great one with lemon sauce :-)
    4. No bows (heck, they're lucky if gifts get wrapped- I'm a bag fan)
    5. Mixed- some things made or gathered thru the year, some in the last 2 weeks
    6. No Santa- though in the past couple of years, we'll have St Nicolas or Father Christmas in our decorations
    7. Christmas Day
    8. Fake tree- see #1 :-P
    9. Sometimes
    10. Home

  5. 1 No tinsel
    2. both - have 2 trees one of each
    3. NEITHER
    4. Bows sometimes
    7.varies when family can be here
    8. Both one of each

  6. 1. No no no tinsel
    2. White
    3. Gingerbread
    4. Bows
    5. A little of both
    6. Santa
    7. One on Christmas eve, the rest on Christmas morning
    8. Fake tree - allergy issues
    9. Sometimes
    10. At home

  7. 1. No tinsel
    2. COLORED lights only :)
    3. Gingerbread (yum)
    4. No bows (lucky to be wrapped)
    5. Done early
    6. SANTA
    7. Christmas Day
    8. Real tree (or wall tree)
    9. Sometimes
    10. Always church

  8. 1. Tinsel, but very sparse.
    2. White but I am starting to like colors again.
    3. Gingerbread.
    4. Bows on special packages only.
    5. Used to be done by Oct but now it is last minute.
    6. Santa..who doesn't?
    7. One Christmas Eve, all the rest Christmas Morning.
    8. Sadly fake, but I do have a pine scented candle in the warnmer for the effect.
    9. Always - except this year :(
    10. Church if there is a service, otherwise with family.