Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 Things On My Desk Today

1. A Sonic drink- of course.

2. A Special K Protein Shake- they are pretty yummy and
a good way for me to get some much needed protein.

3. A microphone that clips on to my collar to use for some videos I am making.
I HATE listening to my voice when it is recorded. HATE it.

4. A present for my sweet little friend Lu that comes to visit me each morning.
Today's present is an Elmo book- but it needs to get put in the drawer
because she knows that where I put her little treats each morning.

5. Candy from my training this past weekend and it needs to go away- seriously.
I hear it calling my name and that is not good.

6. A wireless mouse to use with my laptop

7. Both my desktop computer and my laptop.
Using both today for a project- it's gonna be a busy day.

It's a fabulous- and VERY convicting book.

9. A cow mask.

10. A pair of really big panties.
REALLY big panties.
Because sometimes you need to be reminded to put on your big girl panties.