Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Confessions on a Wed. Morning

1.I was internally cranky all day long yesterday.
(Internal cranky means you think ugly things inside while smiling
and being polite on the outside so people don't see your crankiness)

2. I ate a piece of big old piece of cake while watching
the Biggest Loser on TV last night.
There is something seriously disturbed about that.

3. I secretly hoped that when my friend Debbie came to visit this past weekend
(she moved to Montana this past March)
that she would realize how much she missed Texas,
missed her friends, missed her home,
missed our church, missed ME that she would want to move back.
That's not very nice. :(

4. The candy from my training this past weekend that
I left in my office is almost totally gone.
And not because I threw it away or gave it away.

5. I am totally out of checks and it took me FOUR separate trips to our banks
website before I could figure out where the heck to click to order checks

Confession is good for the now it's your turn.