Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

Are you very persistent or do you give up fairly easily?
It's a well known fact that I go to Sonic every single morning before work.
I know the people who work there well and at that early hour it's usually one
of two young men that give me my drink and take my money.
One young man is very friendly and chatty and
we always have a nice little conversation that always ends with me saying
"Have a great day" and him replying "You too".
The other young man however is NOT friendly,
rarely says anything to me, and
although I say to him every single morning
"Have a great day" he NEVER replies.
And for some reason it makes me crazy.
But instead of giving up and
deciding that maybe he's just not friendly,
I keep trying.
EVERY single day.
Because one day I truly hope he'll say "You too".
I'll probably starting cheering if he does-
and then he'll know for sure I'm a lunatic.
But I'll be a happy lunatic. :)