Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It is Well Boxes

It is Well Boxes {named after the beautiful song It is Well } 
is an idea that God put on my heart several months ago. 
And yet I ignored it. 
Okay maybe not ignored. 
I thought about it but did nothing with it. 
It seems like there are so many people battling serious illnesses 
and so many people who have suffered the loss of a loved one 
and my heart just breaks for them.
 I just kept thinking....what can we do to bring them a little hope and joy? 
I kept thinking...someday, when I have more time I'll come up with a plan. 
{Like that is ever going to happen?}
But God kept bringing the idea to mind and so recently, 
with the input of some of my sweet friends, the idea is becoming a reality! 

What is an It is Well box? 
Surprise gift boxes put together with lots of love and prayer and mailed anonymously to folks battling a serious illness or who have suffered the loss of an immediate family and need a reminder of God's love and comfort. They will be full of comforting items and point to the hope we have in Jesus. Think of it as a secret surprise from God to brighten the day of someone who needs it so! 

Many of the things in the boxes- printables, scripture cards, bookmarks- I will make or have friends create but a few will cost money. At this time we would like to purchase socks from the fabulous Notes to Self Socks company, mailing envelopes, 
and postage to mail the packages. 
{I contacted the Notes to Self Socks company and they are willing 
to give me 25% off if I place an order of 50 or more because they loved the idea! They ROCK!}

How can you help? 
1. PRAY: Please pray that God would direct us in every detail 
of these boxes including what should go in them and to whom we need to send the boxes. 

2. Financial Support: Would you consider helping us financially to 
bless some sweet, hurting people? Every donation, small or large, 
will help and will go directly towards the It is Well boxes- 
once the small Go Fund Me percentage is taken! 
 The more we get donated, the more we will be able to add to the boxes 
and the more boxes we will be able to send!
You can donate HERE

3. Physical Help: If you live in the BCS area and want to help 
by putting together the packages, comment below 
and I'll let you know when we gather to put them all together. 
We would love to have you help us!

4. Item Donation: If you have something you'd like to contribute to the It is Well boxes, please let me know! 

God is so good and faithful. 
I posted about this last night on Facebook 
and we are already almost halfway to our first goal!