Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hello Fresh ROCKS

A few weeks ago a sweet friend posted about something 
called Hello Fresh on FB.
I had never heard of it so I clicked on the link
 and it sounded GREAT so I ordered. 
We've been using it for several weeks now and we LOVE it so!

So what is Hello Fresh?
It's a meal subscription service that sends you fresh food each week along with great, simple, healthy recipes. Three meals for either two or four people per week.

How does it work? 
1. They create great, healthy recipes. You pick from the choices for the week.
2. They do the shopping for you.
3. They ship it to your door.
4. You make the meals using their easy to follow recipes.

So why do we love it?
It is so stinkin' easy. THEY DO THE SHOPPING FOR YOU. Seriously. Everything you need for each recipe is in the box and arrives at your door in a box full of ice packs.  The only thing I've ever had to use is olive oil. That's it.

I don't throw away lots of extra food. Often a recipe will call for a small amount of something but I have to buy a bunch and end up throwing the extra away and I hate that. Like if a recipe calls for two green onions I have to buy a whole bunch and end up throwing the extra away.  With Hello Fresh they send me exactly what I need with no extra. I love that!

The meals are healthy and YUMMY! I don't know about you but I get in such a rut sometimes- cooking the same old thing. Their recipes are awesome and we've loved absolutely everything we've made. And the portions are awesome- not skimpy.  My husband is a healthy eater and he has been completely satisfied with each meal.

They get us to try things we might not normally try. I am not a big fan of veggies at all but I've even tried some things I never would have and loved them. I've also tried some spices I never would have but since they were included, we did and loved them.

The recipes are easy to follow and take 30-40 minutes at the most.  They have step by step directions (with pictures) that tell you exactly what to do.  They are super time saving and dish saving!  One night I roasted some tomatoes on a pan in the oven and when they came out, the recipe said to put the fish on that same pan- so I only had to clean one pan! Less dishes always is better!

At first glance it may seem expensive but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it's really a good deal and is actually less than we wold spend if we ate out three times.

If you want to learn more check out the video below, check out the Hello Fresh website and if you are interested in trying it out you can use this coupon code: Y3GX9X for $40 off your first box! For two that means the first box is only $29!

Here are a few pics of the meals from our boxes:

{how cute is that tiny little bottle?}