Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Scripture Writing Plan

I so loved writing Thanksgiving scripture each day in November
and heard from many friends who said they did too! 
I usually write both the NIV version and The Message version
and since I write mine in the morning before I go to work 
and no one else is home, I started saying them out loud as I write them. 
I'm sure my dogs are loving hearing so much scripture, huh? :) 

I loved it so much that I created a set of Christmas 
scriptures for the month of December. 

Each verse only takes about 10 minutes to copy
and I've included the verse list as well
as a page to write the verses on if you'd like it-
although I use notebook paper to write my verses down. 

Click the image above or HERE 
to download your own copy! 
Praying it blesses you!

For those that have asked, The Bible I use is this one and I LOVE it so-
 it has NIV on one side of the page and The Message on the other side!

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