Friday, October 10, 2008

The Week in Review

Let's see..............................

-Got a that won't go away. Stink. I hate colds. They slow me down. Maybe that's the point?

-Got pranked at school which was so fun! Pay backs are heck though so ..................(he he he)

-Won a beautiful bracelet on thotlady's blog! I never win anything so this was such a treat!

-Got a BUNCH of coupons in the mail from my sister! Yeah Sissy!

-Did not go to the gym even once. Man that's awful!

-Got a surprise package from my precious friend Dory. Inside was the cutest pumpkin EVER that says Blessings, a very sweet card, and some yummy chocolate covered raisins! What a sweet surprise from my sweet friend!

-Tried a new cupcake recipe for a wedding shower and they were YUMMY! I'll post the recipe tomorrow- along with two others- one for cookies and one for manicotti.

-Went to my first book club meeting and absolutely LOVED it! We read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and it was a very interesting read. Not a book I would normally have picked up but I really enjoyed it.

-Found a place to play the game Blokus online and now I'm hooked. I love that game! (If you decide to play let me know and we can play together! :)

-Kept looking at this beautiful teeny tiny initials necklace on Lisa Leonard's website. Isn't it adorable?

Funniest thing I heard all week:
"My goal is to NOT live longer than my teeth."

Happy Friday y'all!

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