Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dear Loreal,

Dear Loreal,

I have been using your hair color for the past 5 and 1/2 years ever since I turned 32 and decided that I wanted to be a red head. That year I went to the store, picked out a Feria auburn hair color box and returned home. I have faithfully purchased a new box of that same hair color every 5 to 6 weeks since then. I love the color, the ease of application, and the great low cost. I've been so pleased with it that I have never considered changing brands.

Not until recently.

Recently I noticed that my roots were starting to show and that it was almost time to recolor my hair. So on my next trip to the grocery store, I walked down the hair color aisle looking for the now familiar box. I was a bit shocked when I found that my normal box with the cute short haired red head was not there. I decided however that perhaps Kroger was just out of that particular color and decided I would check again the following week.

A few days later I found myself at Walmart and decided to pick up a box of the hair color while I was there. I quickly walked down the aisle and glanced over the many Loreal Feria boxes- looking for the cute short haired red head. But once again, I did not find it. I was a tad bit worried but decided that maybe Walmart was also out of my particular color.

This past weekend I was at Target and again decided to look for my hair color. I walked to the hair color aisle hoping that I would find my color. But alas, the cute short haired red head was not at Target either. At this point I began to get a tad concerned.

Monday night as I ran into Walgreens to pick up some pictures, I decided to make another attempt at finding my hair color. I crossed my fingers and went down the aisle full of hair color boxes. I decided that if my box wasn't there, I would simply have to break down and try another brand or color.

Of course, the short haired red head was not there and so I began to search through the many, many boxes of auburn colors. Now I am sad to admit but I never paid attention to the actual color name and certainly not the color #, I just picked up my box based on the model on the front. I honestly had no idea what the color was called or what the number was.

As I looked through the boxes I realized that I was in a pickle. There were many, many shades of auburn. There was dark auburn, bright auburn, auburn auburn, and several others. I began to get very worried because the last thing I wanted to do was pick the wrong color and end up looking like carrot top.

So I started picking up all of the boxes and examining them- trying to figure out what color I needed and still wondering why they had stopped making my favorite color.

Imagine my shock and delight when after 15 minutes of looking- I noticed this little note on top of one of the boxes.

I was so excited to find my cute little short haired red head on the TOP of the box that I did a little dance right there in the aisle!

Oh Loreal you ROCK! Thank you for realizing that some women, like me, are in such a rush that we shop by picture- not by name or by number. That sometimes, about somethings, we are DINGY!

You have earned a customer for life.



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