Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Bible Study 101: Study and Reading Supplies

I often get questions regarding what Bible I use and how I go about studying the Bible. 
I decided to do a couple of blog posts regarding this topic so 
when someone asks, I can easily reference this list and send them a link.

Today I am going to share the supplies I use when doing Bible study. 
There are tons of products out there for Bible study (and I've bought my fair share of them!) 
but what I have found works best for me are simple, basic supplies. 

When doing a Bible study I use all or most of the following:

My Bible

I have lots of different bibles but my preference is a dual NIV and the Message Bible. 
I love this Bible because it has both translations on the same page. 
I used to use two separate Bible but love this so much more. 
Mine came from Amazon and you can find it HERE

A notebook

 Although there are tons of options for Bible study journals and notebooks out there, 
I use a good old-fashioned spiral notebook when doing a Bible study. 
I usually grab mine at Target or Walmart- just looking for one that 
is cute and college ruled. This is the one I am currently using. 

A binder
When I am doing verse study, I use a simple three ring binder with dividers. 
Instead of regular notebook paper, I buy loose leaf graph paper 
from Walmart but notebook paper would work just great too.

My favorite is the G2 black pen.

Bible highlighters

I have several sets and my two favorite are below.
THESE from Amazon and I love them because there are two of each color in the set. 
I have one set in my purse and the other with my Bible study stuff in a bag.
I also have THESE from The Daily Grace Co and love them. 
They don't bleed through the page and they are precious!
 (While you are there, check out all of their things- 
so many cute products and GREAT Bible studies!) 

Sticky Notes
I use sticky notes to write notes and place in my Bible. 
Usually just to jot down something I don't want to forget. 

Online Commentaries & Study Guides
My favorites are Bible Gateway and Blue Letter Bible. 
I'll explain more about how I use these sites in an upcoming post, 
but below are some basics about them. 

Bible Gateway is a site I use all the time for reading different

 translations as well as reading commentaries. 
They also have some fabulous devotionals and reading plans! 
I love that I can check out different versions side by side. 

Blue Letter Bible has some incredible resources including some of my favorite commentaries.

I'll follow up in a few days with another post showing HOW I use these items! 
Stay tuned!