Monday, December 17, 2018


Buying little gifts for lots of people can quickly add up to lots of $ so I decided to come up with a few cute and inexpensive ideas that won't break Santa's bank! 
This time of year everyone is super crazy busy & hurried so it's nice to have 
a few things wrapped up and ready to give when you realize you need them-
for teachers, co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc.

For the past two years I have posted some CUTE & QUICK CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS
HERE and HERE for gifts that are great (& inexpensive) 
to give to co-workers, teachers, or neighbors
or just to have around during the Christmas season.

I've already post a few new ones this year that you can find HERE
and below are some new ones I recently came up with 
that are super easy and super inexpensive!

Idea #1:
I usually have several Sonic and Starbucks gift cards 
on hand just in case I need a quick, easy gift. 
I decided it was time to create a little printable tag to go with them!
For a bigger gift you could even add a gift card and tag to a cute cup or mug.
(Cute bag found in dollar spot at Target)
Total Cost= $5+

Idea #2:
Flair pens are the BEST and every teacher I know loves them so!
This little printable is perfect to go with a set of Flair pens.
They come in tons of sets, in tons of color 
so you can purchase either a large or small package!
Total Cost= $6.29 on Amazon or $11.45 on Amazon


Idea #3:
I saw this idea late one night on Pinterest
and knew I had to make some for folks in my office. 
Because sometimes, you just need chocolate, right?
I purchased the containers at Hobby Lobby for $2.99
and the candy at Wal-mart. 
This could also be done with seasonal candy
 (Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas)
but I made mine generic so it could last all year. 
I purchased 6 small bags of candy 
and that amount filled all 6 of my containers 
with a few left pieces of candy left over.
I also added a $5 bill so they could get a
Sonic or Starbucks drink when needed. 
Total Cost= $7.99 + cost of candy

Idea #4:
I love our mailman and decided I needed to create a little printable 
to add to some cookies so I could leave him a Christmas treat. 
I kept the printable fairly generic so you could add anything you'd like to it- 
candy, cookies, a gift card, etc. 
Total Cost= $4

Idea #5:
I love Gingerbread house kits and think they make a great gift for a family!
I purchased this one at Wal-mart for less than $9 and they 
had TONS of different versions- both big and small. 
Total Cost= $9

I printed my tags on white cardstock- sometimes in wallet size and others in 4x6 
but they are all in JPG format so you can print them in any size you'd like!
You can find all of tags from this year and last year in the folder  HERE